The Great Idea Fairy

“I don’t have any ideas. I can’t think of anything good.”

It’s an entrepreneurial nightmare. Lack of creativity. No focus. Even Worse-no clue what you want to do.

When I was a child, I struggled to stay awake so I could continue to play. I tried telling myself, “Stay Awake, Stay Awake”, only to be sleeping in an awkward position minutes later. Over thinking a problem does not solve the problem.

You do have ideas. You have a ton of ideas-many of which would make great businesses-but you are trying to force them out. As olympic lifting coach Mike Burgener says, it’s “Paralysis by Analysis.”

So how do you access your ideas? Start with what bugs you. What really irritates you? Take an example:

I hate traffic jams. Nothing gets me more annoyed than hundreds of cars slowing down to see  something trivial. Two car accidents and police traffic stops don’t exactly get me wound up.

Problem identified. What’s the solution?

How about a smart phone app that is a one-click “Traffic Jam Signal”. Anyone in the jam you are about to enter can warn you ahead of time and you can go around. Maybe something else – like a game on your phone that has something to do with traffic to pass the time you have to wait.

Solutions are coming out.

So now you have a problem and a solution. You have an idea, but it’s not enough. Unlike most, you have to take one more step and figure out how the idea can make money.

We’ll address that later, and I appreciate your comments.


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