The Title

Business is business. You know what it means. People buying and selling things with each other. I actually wanted it to be entrepreneurship but I didn’t want to type that every day and it didn’t have quite the same ring.

G-2 is a take on military intelligence. G-2 is simply the part of a unit which analyzes and disseminates all the information on the bad guys. There’s also G-1 (Admin) and G-3 (Training) as other examples.

The Author

I’m Paul. I’m a veteran of the Marine Corps. I’ve served in exotic locales like Hawaii, the Philippines, and who could forget: Afghanistan (The ladies’ feet were amazing). After eight years, I decided to make a change and get a piece of paper that says I’m smart (Read: College Degree). I’m currently at the University of Tampa.

My company, CollegeVeteran, LLC, is currently in the early startup stage. Our website is CollegeVeteran.com, which has the aim to educate and connect military members and veterans who are making a similar journey: leaving the military and going to college.




What I Write About

I write mostly about entrepreneurship and business. I also write on other topics that interest me, including social media marketing, technology, and current events.