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Social Media Guide: Why You Need a Facebook Landing Page

Each day, Facebook.com receives over 640 million page views. Your friends, family, neighbors, and more importantly, your customers are using the website every day. How do you use it to your advantage?

If you have a B2C business, you should have a Facebook fan page. But just having the page is not enough. It needs to be filled with interesting and engaging content. It must be created with a goal in mind (like converting Facebook fans into customers that walk in your door). Before any of that happens, you need to think of where your prospective fan starts: the landing page.

Great landing pages can make a huge difference between a “Like” or a prospect clicking X on their browser. The landing must do two things:

  • Illustrate what your business does
  • Give the prospect a reason to be a fan

These two principles will make a landing page go from good to great. Let’s see some examples from NHL, Coca-Cola, and one of my favorite non-profits: Team Rubicon. They may differ in message and presentation, but their technique is the same: the tell their audience who they are and give them a reason why they should be a fan. Here’s Coca-Cola: Continue reading



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