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The Pitch, Part II (or how I learned to stop worrying and love telling a story)

I never thought I would shake Kevin Harrington’s hand. I never thought I would be pitching a business concept to him, or asking him for one hundred thousand dollars, either. It turns out that I ended up doing both.

As I mentioned in an earlier post about the business pitch-being able to sell your idea to someone is an ideal skill to have. In the time it takes for an elevator to go from the top floor to the bottom, can you pitch your idea? Can you sell your business concept in less than 90 seconds?

I had the opportunity to pitch at DEMO Day-an entrepreneurship conference put on by the University of South Florida. As part of the student pitch competition, I was one of six competitors trying to win a six thousand dollar prize. It was a three judge panel of successful entrepreneurs and angels, led by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank fame. Continue reading


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