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The Pitch

The pitch is one skill an entrepreneur must learn. It is a statement of what your company does to solve a problem. These can be drawn out into long presentations or very quick 60 second snippets. The purpose is simple: Educate your audience on your product or service, usually with the goal of reaching investors.

Three months ago, I received an email about a pitch competition at my university. 90 seconds. Any business idea-which was nice, except I didn’t have one.¬†As I drove to school two days later, the idea came. I quickly scrambled for my phone and dictated my rough pitch into Evernote. With my idea secured in the cloud, I worked out some more detail and wrote it down.

“When leaving the military, I didn’t really know where I would go to school…”

“…how about a new website…”

The university pitch competition had five judges, from banking, startup, or investment backgrounds. There were over twenty students in the room. I was nervous.

I stood and walked to the whiteboard. I wrote “CollegeVeteran.com” in black marker. It had been registered for 22 hours. Continue reading


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